Family Trip to Montana

Before the craziness of finishing the manuscript for our book, we had a chance to rest in Montana, our former home. 

1st-Home MT

We hiked Glacier with Chelsea, Nate, and Soren, did some fishing and waterskiing, and then hiked Missions Falls near St. Ignatius.


I was fine for the first 3/4s of that hike, but I thought I might die as I climbed over a small waterfall to get to the top of a large one. I surely would have turned back if not for my family encouraging me on!

The breathtaking Rocky Mountains restored me, and time with our adult children brought me great joy.

Zach then joined us at Pat’s mom’s cabin on Georgetown Lake in Montana. Pat’s family gathered to tell stories that we remembered about his dad who had died a few years earlier.


After sharing stories and things we learned from Papa Jim, we wrote our names and Scripture verses that were meaningful to us on 12 large stones. We put them in a heart shape, sang Amazing Grace, and scattered his ashes inside the heart. The ceremony strengthened and encouraged me.

My Post (3).jpg

We really enjoyed our time with Pat’s family in MT and currently we are visiting my folks in PA. Zach is with us. We will let you know when we hear something more about the book.