Enjoying Music with Zach

Dear Friends, 

In the past six weeks Zach and I had an opportunity to sing and play guitar at Park Street Church for a Lenten Service and more recently for Disability Sunday. I included the video, so that you could hear our song. 

Zach plays the chords with his left hand, and I strum for him since his right hand doesn't work very well. It is tough to keep him focused on the music when he wants to interact with those he knows well in the audience!

Pat and I also had an opportunity to speak at the Brain Injury Association of MA Annual Conference. Our talk was entitled Ambiguous Loss: Living Well With It, Supporting Others In It. 


We told the story of Zach's brain injury and recovery process, defined ambiguous loss, and then spoke about six therapeutic goals for treating it. 

To close the talk we explained the importance of social rituals in ambiguous loss. Using slides we showed how we crafted a ceremony of ambiguous loss for Zach. 

We are grateful that what we have been through can help others. 

Two weeks ago, we met with Zach's researcher at Boston University, and we are now looking for a school that might fit his needs. Please pray. Within the next few months he will most likely be transferring to a different school to continue his studies. 

Last, our collaborative writer for our family's book about ambiguous loss just sent us the first four chapters of her writing. Much has been changed, so please pray for us to be able to work well with the writer to get the strongest draft possible to the publisher by the new deadline of July 20. 


With gratitude for your love and prayers for our family,