Dear Friends, 

As a contemplative activist I am passionate about social justice and spiritual formation. Both are my lifes work. Part of my year is spent with college students serving high school students in the Mamelodi Township in Pretoria, South Africa, and part is spent serving students and faculty at Harvard University.

Since I experienced the ambiguous loss of my 16-year-old son to severe disability for life, I strive to help others understand and live well through ambiguous loss. Many of my blog posts will therefore fall into these three categories: social justice, spiritual formation, and ambiguous loss. 

Hopefully some of my posts will help you develop a rhythm of life that makes space for God in the fast-paced, always-connected world in which we live.

I wish I could sit down with you in person and have meaningful conversations about life, but since many of you dont live in Boston, I would enjoy interacting in the comments section after my posts. 

Here you will find a place where you can be authentic and transparent with whatever is going on in your life. Here you can grieve and lament. Here you will find an ambiguous loss learning community who helps each other be resilient. Here you will have an opportunity to learn spiritual practices that will strengthen your soul for the work you are called to do in the world.

I look forward to journeying with you.