Spiritual formation is not just about internal transformation but out about being transformed for the sake of the world. There are deep problems in the U.S. and the nations of the world, and we can work together to solve these. Our inner transformation will give us the strength we need to serve. Instead of burning out, we will be able to sustain the important work to which each of us is called. 

Spiritual formation matters deeply to me. I completed an M.A. in the field and enjoyed learning about the way people have connected to God throughout the centuries. As a member of a spiritual leadership community I have learned numerous spiritual practices that have changed my life. I enjoy sharing these practices with Harvard students during the school year and during service-learning projects in South Africa. The results have been life-changing for scores of students.

I particularly enjoy helping others develop a rhythm of life that makes space for God in the fast-paced, always connected world in which we live.

On my blog I will provide resources for you to write your own rhythm of life. Each month I will send out an email about a different spiritual practice you could consider adding to your life rhythm: solitude, silence, contemplative prayer, journaling, Sabbath-keeping, examen, and meditative reading of Scripture.


Check back often to see my updated recommendations.