Music has been a very important part of my life since I was a young child.

In college I studied voice, and when I came to know Christ at age 20, I wrote many songs to Scriptures I read. I will include some of those later, but the first song I wanted to share is one that I wrote for my son, Zach, who became instantly severely disabled for life in a football injury at age 16.

The lyrics to this song are below, and my husband Pat arranged the slides. We used this multi-media presentation on the sixth anniversary of Zach’s injury at a ceremony of ambiguous loss—A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance: A Tribute to Zachary McLeod.

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"Beauty in Suffering"

Hugs and loves and kisses goodbye, see you later tonight
Smiles and nicknames, a look in the eye, moments that bring such delight
Hello, then silence, a fast, quiet drive, a prayer and peace is flowing
Lost and rushing we finally arrive, we say goodbye without knowing
Waiting, waiting, holding, holding


Beauty in suffering calls out to me
Beauty in suffering calls out to me
Though everything changes, nothing really changes,
Though everything changes, nothing really changes,
You are there

Seasons pass and some things are gone, but our love can’t be broken
Held and carried, kept safe from the storm, by One who our love has spoken
We will wait and pray for you, our hearts are joined in a chorus
Holding fast to One who is true, holding to One who is for us
Praying, praying, hoping, hoping



Running and crying and praying for him, music that pierces my soul,
Sunlight that dances off waters I see, even the trees speak to me


Copyright  2010, Tammy McLeod